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Established in 1980 IFT has been involved in critical pipeline solutions around the globe.
Keying on large diameter sewage bypasses for the city of Las Vegas to complicated water system conversions for San Salvador IFT has performed many thousands of hot taps, live valve installations, pipe freezing, line stopping and valve inserting operations. We have been educated with the help of raw experience.

IFT cut its teeth in the service world 28 years ago. It is a tough, active and a intense industry that is unforgiving of mistakes and malfunctions. So choose your tools wisely.

Developing simple, dependable machinery for critical projects and pushing it beyond what is expected is IFT. Our equipment and products have been forced to perform in unpredictable situations and the stuff that works is offered for sale, the stuff that does not is torched or copied by the others.

If you buy 2lbin.com equipment our service department is available to you for questions.
Much success to you.

Jeff Maichel
Founder and President

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