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Web Forms and CGI Programming


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Interactivity: Web forms, JavaScript and Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programming are usually necessary any time you want to receive information from customers or what to dynamically display changing content. Without forms and programming, your website can become a stagnant billboard. It's programming that makes a website interactive. No matter what type of programming - JavaScript, Java, or PERL -- they all work through the common gateway interface.

Forms can be text, push buttons, images, radio buttons, or live-3D. When a person viewing your site uses their browser to manipulate a form, a CGI program translates those events into tangible results. Those results can be just about anything that you can imagine. They might be as simple as sending an email or as complex as moving within a 3-D world.

Web Programming Prices: Listed above is our current price list for web page programming. Remember, your website creates a "store-front" for your customers. With Forms and CGI programming, you can provide your customer or your prospective customer everything that you could normally provide to them if in fact your were actually talking with them one-on-one. CGI programming is what really unlocks your website to the true power of the WWW. We encourage you to use CGI programming whenever practical. In addition, ComCity offers a 30% discount on web programming in conjunction with web design and Web hosting.

ComCity is very experienced and our specialty is integrating databases within websites. For an example, look at the Mortgage LoanPage - an international database and search engine of mortgage companies. This database has thousands of entries in it and each search is built on the fly from the information in the database depending on what the user selects. We guarantee that our database integration's will grow and can be maintained for the life of your website.

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